Holding to the visions, Universitas Kader Bangsa Palembang launches flagship programs in terms of
academic and non­academic. Students are expected to be able to follow the programs in offer as one of the
terms and provisions to compete in the global business.

In the academic field, Deepening Division of Health and non­health in particular—accordance with the
program of study which is undertaken, the deepeningof English language skill, deepening of computer
capability, and ability in the field of entrepreneurship, while in the non­academic field is
the field of the arts (choirs, theater/drama, dance) and sports (futsal, basketball, and Athletics).

This program aims to enable the student to developtalents and broaden their knowledge andindependence in order to be a good student in variousfields, especially in health and non-health, as well astheir independence in the field of entrepreneurship.The entire program is expected that graduates of theUniversitas Kader Bangsa can apply and compete inthe global workplace.
Currently, based on the tracking result, the most ofUniversitas Kader Bangsa alumni get the topjob/position either in government or private agencies,some of them do also apply the competence andentrepreneurial ability to open their own business(ex: Alumni of D3 and D4 Nursing Program openpractice and clinic maternity, Alumni of D3 OpticRefraction Program open optics shop).

Bidang Ilmu Kesehatan

Universitas Kader Bangsa is a university that has a lot of courses in the field of health that is a flagshipprogram of Universitas Kader Bangsa. To realize the program, Universitas Kader Bangsa conduct thestudent competence development to achieve independence and competitiveness of the students in the fieldof health (midwifery, nursing, pharmacy, radio diagnostics, optics, and public health). The flagshipprogram to develop the competence of students is performed by the target, guidance, training, andincluding any material into the existing curriculum at the Universitas Kader Bangsa. In the masters ofhealth education programs, it has excellent programs that require graduates have the ability as well ascertified project management of health. Currently, Universitas Kader Bangsa has graduated many youthsleading nation in the field of healthcare with the evidence that most graduates get any HIGH positions ingovernment and private agencies.

Bidang Ilmu Kesehatan