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Indonesian youth is the embryo of the future leaders of Indonesia. Every young child has a noble dream to shine and be useful for the people. If you are an Indonesian youth, you definitely will not be only dreaming but you will move forward to reach the dream. UKB is committed to supporting and guiding your journey towards dreams of your youth and make it happen accompanied by a passion to move forward.

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Campus Life

Students of Universitas Kader Bangsa do not only spend time on academic activities, but they are also given a great opportunity to live campus life naturally through some extra activities. In everyday life, students are not only forced to follow the lectures, lab work, assignments and examinations, research, and other academic activities. To balance the brain life, students are recommended and encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities through students organization, sports activities, arts, logic, and other non-academic activities. Some of the existing Student Activities are:
  • Choir
  • Basketball Competition
  • Futsal Competition
  • Spiritual Activity
  • Journalism Activity
  • Social Activity
  • UKB Pigeon Girl Selection

UKB Great Support for Alumni

Alumni Association (IKA) Universitas Kader Bangsa is an organization formed to facilitate the alumni and to improve the relationship between the alumni tie with the almamater. Founded in 2010, it is chaired by Muhammad Lubis, SKM, M. Kes.

The Mission

To provide information, education, and communication among alumni in order to improve the quality of human resources and profession. Gives protection, advocacy, and legal assistance for alumni in professional development. Continuously to contribute the thoughts and ideas on national development.

The Activity

Alumni gathering and workshop/seminar for the alumni. Find out other activities here
Kegiatan IKA
Currently, based on the tracking result, the most of Universitas Kader Bangsa alumni get the top job/position either in government or private agencies, some of them do also apply the competence and entrepreneurial ability to open their own business.
Find out more about the alumni and UKB support for the alumni, career centers and Alumni eventhere
“Young people are poor of experience, they do not offer the past, but the future!”
Anies Baswedan, Minister of National Education