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INTRODUCTION TO Faculty of Education

Faculty of Teacher Training and EducationalScience has a Bachelor in Physical Education program,which steeped in the field of physical education, sports and health sport studies. Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Sciencestudents are expected to apply and be creative in the process of transforming knowledge and expertise in the professional world, able to open up employment opportunities for the community, being able to use foreign languages and technology through cooperation with relevant institutions in South Sumatra, as well as various competent government and private institutions

“Become the eminent Faculty of Educational Science in South Sumatra by the year 2019”

The mission carried by the Pharmacy Faculty of Kader Bangsa University Palembang in order to achieve the vision above is as follows

  1. Organizing Tridharma which consists of education, research and qualified community service in the field of education
  2. Managing the academic and non academic system services to all stakeholders members thoroughly;
  3. Develop and make the existence of Faculty’s human, infrastructure, and funding resource effective
  4. Improving the governance system in accordance with the principles of service management standard (Good University Governance).
  5. To collaborate with other faculties around the country and abroad to strengthen the institutional system


  1. Generate bachelors of education who understand the basics of the theory, the concept of education, and able to apply the theories and principles of education in dealing with legal issues in a professional manner
  2. Generate bachelors of education who have the basic skills of research for the development of education science
  3. Generate bachelors of education who are able to (devote / carry out the dharma bakti practice in) the science of education towards society
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Accreditation : Accredited by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board of Higher Education) with decree number:518/E/O/2013
Total Credits : 146 SCU
Duration : 4 years (8 semesters) minimum, and 5 years (10 semesters) maximum
Estimated Cost : IDR 4.000.000

Vision Improve and develop qualified human resources to capitalize on Pancasila and has the academic as well as professional ability in the field of physical sport and health education, that can... Read More