Midwifery D3

Midwifery is one of the disciplines in the world of health that studies the science and art of preparing for pregnancy, providing services to mothers in the pre-conception period, assisting childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Midwifery also has influences from various disciplines such as medical science, nursing science, behavioral science, socio-cultural science and public health science. Thus, making Midwifery become one of the disciplines that are not easy to learn self-taught.

Not only plays an important role in preventive and promotive efforts for reproductive health that allows women to suffer such as cancer and tumors in the breast and uterus, but obstetrics also has an important role in efforts to detect, minimize or avoid premature births, underweight babies. or the birth of a less than perfect baby which is certainly very undesirable.

The Faculty of Health, Universitas Kader Bangsa offers a quality Diploma-III Midwifery program to support health programs launched by the government which are in line with the lack of midwives at both regional and national levels. For this reason, the Diploma-III midwifery education aims to become a midwife in hospitals, health centers, maternity homes and medical centers. Also, Diploma-III Midwifery graduates can carry out reliable Independent Midwife Practices. This study program has been under the auspices of the Faculty of Health, Universitas Kader Bangsa since 2004

The Diploma-III Midwifery Study Program at Kader Bangsa University has also been accredited by BAN-PT. Various supporting facilities are also provided by Universita Kader Bangsa such as fully air-conditioned classrooms and multimedia facilities, complete laboratory rooms, qualified, competent and qualified teaching staff in their fields and have complete and up-to-date literature sources, both printed and softcopy.

Not only carrying out practical activities on campus, however, the Diploma-III Midwifery Study program at Kader Bangsa University has access to the Kader Bangsa hospital which is still a ‘child’ of the Kader Bangsa Foundation. Also, the Diploma-III of Midwifery at the Kader Bangsa University has an MoU/MoA with institutions and hospitals, both private and government, so that it further supports the education that is held.

At the end of their education, graduates of the Diploma-III Midwifery at Kader Bangsa University will hold an Associate Expert degree (A.Md) and also have the opportunity to continue their education to a higher level (Diploma-IV), either continuing to Diploma-IV Midwifery at Kader Bangsa University. , or at domestic and foreign universities, which have a memorandum of understanding with Universitas Kader Bangsa.


“Becoming a Superior Midwifery Diploma III in Preventive, Promotive Efforts for Maternal and Child Health based on Information Systems in Southeast Asia in 2034”


  1. Carry out education and teaching in the field of midwifery in promotive and preventive efforts for maternal and child health based on information system services.
  2. Carry out research activities within the scope of maternal and child health midwifery
  3. Carry out community service activities within the scope of maternal and child health midwifery


  1. Organizing professional and innovative education that focuses on maternal and child health based on information system services.
  2. Carry out research activities to develop science and technology in the field of Midwifery which focuses on promotive and preventive efforts for maternal and child health
  3. Organizing community service to improve maternal health focusing on family empowerment.
  4. Building a healthy organization in order to strengthen governance, transparency, and accountability towards a professional and professional D III Midwifery Study Program
  5. Organizing cooperation with various parties to support the smooth implementation of the Tridharma in the D III Midwifery Study Program, Universitas Kader Bangsa Palembang

Graduation Competency Standards (+)

  1. Able to behave professionally, ethically and morally and responsive to socio-cultural values ​​in midwifery practice.
  2. Able to communicate effectively with women, families, communities, peers and other professions in an effort to improve the health status of mothers and children in midwifery services.
  3. Able to provide midwifery care effectively, safely and holistically by paying attention to cultural aspects of pregnant women, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding, newborns, toddlers and reproductive health in normal conditions based on standards of midwifery practice and professional code of ethics.
  4. Able to provide emergency handling in accordance with their authority.
  5. Able to carry out promotive, preventive, early detection and community empowerment efforts in midwifery services.
  6. Have the ability to manage entrepreneurship in midwifery services which are the responsibility.
  7. Graduates are able to master Normal Childbirth Care (APN).
  8. Graduates are able to master the Pregnancy Examination (ANC).
  9. Graduates are able to master the Newborn examination.
  10. Graduates are able to master the Installation of Contraceptive Devices.
  11. Able to provide health education to the community
  12. Mastering midwifery management in general
  13. Mastering research methods and research data analysis



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Faculty Fakultas Kebidanan & Keperawatan
Study Program Midwifery D3
Tipe Program Program Diploma III ( D-III )
Accreditation B LAMPT-Kes
Study Duration 6 semesters / 3 years (36 months)
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