Midwifery S1

Midwifery is one of the disciplines in the world of health that studies the science and art of preparing for pregnancy, providing services to mothers in the pre-conception period, assisting childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Midwifery also has influences from various disciplines such as medical science, nursing science, behavioral science, socio-cultural science and public health science. Thus, making Midwifery become one of the disciplines that are not easy to learn self-taught.

Not only plays an important role in preventive and promotive efforts for reproductive health that allows women to suffer such as cancer and tumors in the breast and uterus, but obstetrics also has an important role in efforts to detect, minimize or avoid premature births, underweight babies. or the birth of a less than perfect baby which is certainly very undesirable.

The Undergraduate Midwifery Study Program at Kader Bangsa University has also been accredited by LamPT-Kes. And various supporting facilities are also provided by Universitas Kader Bangsa such as full-AC classrooms and multimedia facilities, complete laboratory rooms, qualified, competent and qualified teaching staff in their fields and have complete and up-to-date literature sources, both printed and softcopy.

Not only carrying out practical activities on campus, however, the Undergraduate Midwifery Study program at Kader Bangsa University has access to the Kader Bangsa hospital which is still a ‘child’ of the Kader Bangsa Foundation. Also, the Undergraduate Midwifery Program at the Kader Bangsa University has an MoU/MoA with institutions and hospitals, both private and government, so that it further supports the education that is held.



To become a Midwifery Professional Education study program that excels in safe and comfortable comprehensive midwifery care based on information systems in Southeast Asia by 2034


  1. Organizing a midwifery professional education study program that has quality, character, and excellence in providing comprehensive midwifery care centered on women based on information systems
  2. Carry out innovative research activities within the scope of women-centered comprehensive midwifery care to improve safe and comfortable deliveries based on information systems
  3. Carry out community service activities to improve safe and comfortable childbirth through comprehensive, women-centered midwifery care based on information systems.


  1. Producing quality midwives capable of developing science and technology and being able to compete at the national level.
  2. Produce findings and innovations as well as implementation through research activities by lecturers and students to encourage the development of science and technology in the field of education and midwifery services based on evidence base and information systems
  3. Motivating the community through service activities by applying science and technology according to the natural potential in their environment so that people are able to solve problems independently, sustainably based on the concept of community empowerment.

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Faculty Fakultas Kebidanan & Keperawatan
Study Program Midwifery S1
Tipe Program Program Strata I ( S1 )
Accreditation B LAMPT-Kes
Study Duration 8 semesters / 4 years (48 months)
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