Health Analyst D4

Health Analyst Diploma III Program focuses on health and science in health analysis field. Students of this study program have the opportunity to be a health analyst in:

  1. Hospital Installations
  2. State Clinic (Puskesmas)
  3. Forensic Laboratory
  4. Private Clinic Laboratory
  5. Pharmacy Company or any similar units
  6. Food and Beverage Company
  7. Food and Beverage Overseer (POM)

Based on the tasks above, the role and function Diploma III Health Analyst graduates are:

  1. Do routine examinations, microscopy and macroscopy of patients sample
  2. Be a partner of a doctor to get the exact diagnosis of the patients
  3. Help people in medical checkup to keep them up to date about their health
  4. Be able to do any diagnosis of parasites that caused infections into human body
  5. Understand any characteristics of bacteria and its infecting method, avoiding method, and laboratory diagnosis to identify microorganisms.
  6. To know any kinds of fungus, especially which can affect any disease to human body, and be able to isolate, identify, and do diagnosis
  7. Do any analysis of any kinds of bloodtypes, urine, feces, plasma serum, stomach thyroid, and etc to enhance the diagnosis based on chemical reactions
  8. To know any characteristics and functions of bloodtypes also be able to do blood check due to diagnose the patient
  9. Be able to diagnose any virus and any other specimens
  10. Understand the mechanism, clinical characteristics, also be able to do any sampling in any poisoning case and analyze narcotics’ compounds in vitro or vivo
  11. To do analysis in physics and chemicals of fresh water, drinking water, swimming pool water, water compounds, and chemical water by COD and BOD methods
  12. To do qualitative and quantitative analysis of foods, beverages, and any food additives
  13. To do any process which have any relations to blood transfusion, bloodtype identification, cross match, and etc
  14. Understand about laboratory operations as well

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Faculty Fakultas Kesehatan
Study Program Health Analyst D4
Tipe Program Program Diploma IV ( D-IV )
Accreditation BAN PT
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