UKB in number

First Experience of UKB

UKB is the only university which has the most of study programs of health in South Sumatera.
UKB has one of rare study programs in Indonesia (and the only one in South Sumatera). It is Optic Refraction Diploma III Program.
UKB is the first organizer of Midwifery Diploma IV Program and Health Master Program in South Sumatera.


Institutional Sector

Founded in 1999 by dr. H.T Wathan, M.Sc dan Dr. Hj. Irzanita Wathan, SH, SE, SKM, MM, M.Kes
Launched in 1999, Seberang Ulu Campus is the first building in Universitas Kader Bangsa, which now has +/-7500 M2.
The university has:
6 Diploma III programs
1 Diploma IV program
7 Bachelor programs
2 Post-Graduate programs
The institutional board of Universitas Kader Bangsa consists of several elements, namely leadership elements (leadership elements consist of universityleaders, faculty/graduate schools, institutes, directorates, bureaus, study programs and UPT), academic units, administrative implementing elements, elements of lecturers, student elements and supporting elements (such as libraries, laboratories, etc.). Institutional board is a crucial and fundamental to the sustainability of Universitas Kader Bangsa. Institutional Strengthening in Kader Bangsa is needed in internal and external institutional.
Interinstitutional relations at Universitas Kader Bangsa (leadership elements, academic units, an administrative executor and other elements) has yet to result in what is expected. Lack of coordination, guidelines and codes of conduct causes unworking mechanism that has been created. Strengthening institutions (capacity building) is basically an attempt to organize the (re)working mechanism between internal institutional elements of university by agreement, so it is guaranteed certainty in various aspects of university management to build harmony, coordination, and trust to realize the vision of Universitas Kader Bangsa.
It is also applied to external institutions (eg. AIPNI, IBI, IAKMI, etc), they are needed of harmonious and sustainable relationships.

Accreditation Status of Universitas Kader Bangsa

All study programs in Universitas Kader Bangsa are accredited by BANPT

Students/Faculty Data based on PD Dikti in current 5 years
No. Faculty Study Year Total Students
2014 2013 2012 2011
1 Health Faculty 1725 1554 1549 1793 1903 2069 8868
2 Pharmacy Faculty 346 283 210 217 236 255 1201
3 Law Faculty 62 62 84 78 195 180 599
4 Economics Faculty 47 48 49 54 63 47 261
5 Faculty of Education 44 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 PostGraduate 369 366 341 189 182 68 1146
All Active Students/Study Year Data
Graduates Data based on PD Dikti in current 5 years
No. Faculty Study Year Total Graduated/Faculty
2014 2013 2012 2011
1 Health Faculty 651 478 734 559 574 347 3343
2 Pharmacy Faculty 58 54 72 56 51 62 353
3 Law Faculty 18 15 28 33 - - 94
4 Economics Faculty 7 10 22 26 24 - 89
5 Faculty of Education 0
6 Post Graduate 94 113 98 78 78 71 532
Total Graduates 828 670 954 752 727 480 0
Graduates Graph based on Study Year

Student Origins based on Provinces

Currently, students of Universitas Kader Bangsa Palembang consists in 8 provinces stretching from South Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, West Sumatra, North Sumatra, East Java and Jakarta.
The state population of students in 2009-2013 is based on the origin of the province can be seen in the image below:


Infrastructures Universitas Kader Bangsa has approximately 7500m2 wide area with 5000m2 building located on elite neighborhood next to Ampera Bridge in the economical center of Palembang that is a strategic area and accessible to reach by public transportation.

No. Location (Street, City) Building Utility Area Wide
1 A-Building Universitas Kader Bangsa, Jl. HM.Ryacudu No 88, Palembang College Building 7500 M²
2 B-Building Universitas Kader Bangsa, Jl. A.Yani Kertapati, Palembang College Building 560 M²
3 Students Dormitory Universitas Kader Bangsa, Jl. Simpang KB, Kertapati Student Dormitory 560 M²
4 Landmark of Universitas Kader Bangsa, Jl.A.Bastari Jakabaring, Palembang Campus 45.000 M²
5 Kader Bangsa Maternity Hospital, Jl. Mataram Kertapati, Palembang Maternity Hospital 600 M²

Books and Journals

No. Kinds Total Books Total Printed
Printed Electronic Books
1 Textbooks 2.981 4001
2 Accredited national journal 47
3 International journal Subscribed
4 Proceedings Bought

Affairs Board

Affairs Board The pattern of public leadership regards to the ability of establishing cooperation and reference to the public. In order to improve the cooperation, Vice Chancellor IV added to the structure of the organization that specialized in the field of cooperation. It is based on the vision of Universitas Kader Bangsa to disseminate the results of research which are applied not only in education and lecturing but also in real life society. Currently, the cooperations of Universitas Kader Bangsa with government, private, and internal/abroad agencies have been widely implemented. However, the implementation of cooperation in Universitas Kader Bangsa is not set in the form of manual implementation of cooperation, so the cooperation with various agencies has not been entirely in accordance with the achievement of the vision of Universitas Kader Bangsa. As a dynamic educational institution, Universitas Kader Bangsa is always trying to expand any cooperation with other institutions. Cooperations of education and research has been carried out:

Institusi dan PT Luar negri (International Relationship :) :

  • University Industry of Selangor Malaysia
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Deakin University
  • ABV Australia
Institusi dan PT dalam negri (National Relationship) :
  • Pemerintah Provinsi Sumsel
  • Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan
  • Perpustakaan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan
  • Depkumhan Sumatera Selatan
  • Pemerintah Kabupaten/kota se sumsel
  • RS. Bunda Palembang
  • RS. Bhayangkara Palembang
  • RSUD Muhamad Rabain Muaraenim
  • RSUD Lahat
  • RSUD Dr.Ibnu Sutowo Baturaja
  • Universitas Jendral Ahmad Yani
  • Universitas Pancasila
  • Universitas YARSI
  • Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian (PTIK)

Forms of the Affairs

Instance that forming affairs - Forms of the Affairs
  1. Sriwijaya University / Language Institute Capacity Academic
    • Delivery of Labor
    • Provision of Facilities Praktikan
    • Conducting Prepare TOEFL Test
  2. RS. Erni Jambi Medical Student Clinical Practice Obstetrics UKB
  3. RS. Bhayangkara Improvement in Public Health Services, Implementation of Education, Training, Research, Procurement and Human Resources Development
  4. Andalas University, Padang Human Resource Development and Activities Tri Dharma College
  5. RS. TK. II AK. Gani Palembang Clinical Practice of Midwifery Students UKB
  6. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Service Fee Payment Receipt of Education through the Banking Facility in Point Tolto
  7. Hospital Dr. Ibnu Sutowo Balfour Education, Training and Job Training Students in Environmental UKB and Continuing Education For The Environment Employees Dr.Ibnu Ibnu Balfour Hospital
  8. OKUT County Government Education, Training Students UKB
  9. Sekayu Hospital Clinical Practice of Midwifery Students UKB
  10. Government of South Sumatra Province Cooperation Education and Training for Students
  11. Lahat Hospital Education, Training and Job Training in Environmental UKB and Continuing Education For Hospital Employees in Lahat
  12. Banyuasin Hospital Clinical Practice of Midwifery Students UKB
  13. RS.Kusta Dr.Rivai Abdullah UKB Clinical Practice of Midwifery Students
  14. Representatives of the National Population and Family Planning (BKKBN) South Sumatra Province Education, Research and Community Service
  15. Government Ogan Ilir Education Activity, Training For Students UKB
  16. Sports School of Sriwijaya South Sumatra Development Education, Training, Use of Facilities and Support
  17. Government Ogan Ogan Ulu (OKU) Education, Training, Utilization for Students and Alumni UKB
  18. Yarsi University Education Quality Improvement, Development of Science and Technology, and Community Service
  19. School of Police Staff Police Cooperation Enhancement for Education, Research and Community Service
  20. Development of South Sumatra Provincial Health Office of Health Manpower Education Institutions held UKB
  21. Development General Achmad Yani University of Education, Research and Community Service
  22. Government Banyuasin Education, Training and Empowerment of Students and Alumni UKB
  23. Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Law Consultant Program South Sumatra, Granting Reciprocity Program Documentation and Information Law and Legal Studies And Research on the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in South Sumatra
  24. Palembang Mother Hospital Research and Human Resource Development
  25. The Library of South Sumatra through the Library Development Program Library Information System Implementation
  26. PT. Bank Mandiri Community Development Program Grant Agreement
  27. Pancasila University Human Resource Development and activities of Tri Dharma College
  28. University Industri Selangor, Malaysia IP Development, Technology, Development of Academic and NonAcademic Activities
  29. ABV Australian Nursing Education Cooperation
  30. Jakarta Muhammadiyah University Cooperation for Education, Research and Community Service