“Education is the best weapon you can use to change the world.” ­-Nelson Mandela

The Excellence of UKB

Being the best is a choice for every individual. Why UKB? Find the answer here.
Studi Kesehatan Lengkap

The Most Comprehensive Study of Health

UKB is the only university in South Sumatera that has complete study programs and supported with modern comprehensive facility of laboratory.
RSIA (Rumah Sakit Ibu & Anak)

Maternity Hospital

Having a Maternity Hospital that can also be used for practical section of UKB students.


All study programs are accredited by BAN PT.LAMPT-Kes
Akses Pusat Kota

Downtown Access

One of universities that located in the center of the town near the primary street of Palembang.


Establish international cooperations.


Having air-conditioned rooms and comprehensive multimedia tools.


Approx. 75% alumni of UKB work in state or private institutions.
Lingkungan Nyaman

Conducive Environment

Condusive environment such as clean, healthy, and beautiful is very good for studying.


Mahasiswa Universitas Kader Bangsa tidak hanya menghabiskan waktu untuk kegiatan akademik saja seperti mengikuti perkuliahan, praktikum, pengerjaan tugas dan ujian, penelitian serta aktivitas akademik lain. Untuk menyeimbangkan kecerdasan, Mahasiswa diberi kesempatan seluas-luasnya untuk menjalani kehidupan kampus secara alami melalui kegiatan ekstrakurikuler yang diharapkan juga dapat mengasah jiwa kepemimpinan dan karakter yang unggul dalam hidup bermasyarakat. Berikut beberapa kegiatan Mahasiswa yang ada saat ini:

Seminary Activity

Seminary is important to keep students up to date with the real condition and new knowledge. It also can built the networks. UKB has cooperated with any state and private institutions in education and industry to hold seminaries and conferences.

Arts Activity

It is a container channel art aspirations for studentswho have an interest or hobby in the arts, such as
Visual Art, Music, Dance and Photography.

Sports Activity

Cultivate the spirit of fair play and healthy lifestyle is one of the purpose of the Sports Activity Unit
which encourages students to develop a positive attitude to be mentally healthy competitive. The
kinds of exercise are Volleyball, Basketball, Football,Badminton, Swimming, and Tennis.

Student Organization

It is a personal development of students to widen the horizon and scholarship enhancement and personal
integrity to prepare students to be members of the community which have the academic and professional capability to implement, develop and invent the science, technology and arts, and seeking its use to improve people’s lives and enrich national culture.

Social Activities

Supporting the awareness to help the poor is a noble value that will be given to UKB students. Social activities are supposed to improve cooperative and organization skill of the students.

Spiritual Activities

By spiritual activity, UKB believes more praying can influence the good morality and attitudes in daily life activities.

Kampus UKB terletak di kawasan elite di jantung kota dan berdampingan dengan salah satu maskot kota Palembang (Jembatan Ampera) yang sangat terkenal sehingga mudah diakses oleh mahasiswa dari mana saja baik dari transportasi, kuliner, maupun pusat aktifitas kota.


Due to support the national education program, UKB opens the opportunity for students with the best achievement to be get the scholarship up to 100%.
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New Study Year Registration

Administrative Requirements

  • 1 Certified copy of school certificate
  • 1 Basic Evaluation Score (NEM) / Transcript
  • 3 Portrait Photograph (4 x 6 and 3 x 4)
  • Complete the application form

Application Fee Requirements

  • Application Fee: IDR 300000
  • Health Condition Test Fee: IDR 200000 (after written test)
  • Post graduates Application Fee: IDR 1000000

Time and the Place


May s/d September 2015 08.00 - 17.00 WIB

  • A-Campus, Universitas Kader Bangsa
  • Jl. Mayjend H.M Ryacudu 7 Ulu Palembang
  • Phone (+62 711) 517744 - 510173
  • Fax (+62 711) 519827
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